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What benefits are available to help with my care?

Andrew Dixson-Smith, financial expert for yourcarehome.co.uk and Director of Care Fees Investment answers your questions about benefits

If you are paying for your care (either in your own home - Home Care or in a Care Home) you can apply to the Local Authority for payment of ‘Attendance Allowance’. This is paid at two levels, and is tax-free.

If you are assessed as needing care during the day only, or during the night only, you will be paid the lower rate of £47.10 per week. If you need 24 hour care, you will be paid the higher rate of £70.35 per week.

If your care needs are predominately medical, and you are receiving care in a Nursing Home, you may also qualify for NHS funded ‘continuing care’. Basically, the more medical conditions you have, and the greater their complexity, the more chance you have of qualifying for this payment. There is one level of payment of £106.30 per week, if you qualify.

Andrew Dixson-Smith

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12 April 2013

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