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Care Options - Extra Care Housing

What is Extra Care Housing?

Extra Care Housing is similar to Sheltered Housing in that is consists of a scheme of flats or small bungalows in one site which are specifically for use by the elderly. However, Extra Care Housing provides additional care services that are not available in Sheltered Housing. There are care staff available 24 hours a day, and so a resident could live in their own flat with all the independence that offers yet arrange for someone to help with getting up, dressing, bathing etc. Usually, meals will be provided in a communal dining room, and there will be other communal areas such as lounges and gardens. Some offer wider communal areas, but these are more likely to be Retirement Villages which also provide Extra Care facilities.

What levels of care are available?

24 hour nursing care is available if needed, as is help with day to day living. The care staff may be employed by the local council social services department, or the housing provider, or a home care agency contracted by the social services.

Some Extra Care Housing schemes offer accommodation for people with varying levels of dementia. The accommodation will be adapted to help cope with the problems of confusion, disorientation and security, and the same 24 hour personal or nursing care will be available. Schemes offering this type of dementia care are more common in the private sector (many Retirement Villages will offer this level of care, or provide “Reminiscence apartments” on their site). However, some local councils are also trying to develop these schemes, so it is worth contacting your local social services for more information, or asking your care manager following your care assessment.

Written for yourcarehome - author: Mark Sadler

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