CHD Living, Care Homes


CHD Living, Care Homes
Capital House
106 Meadrow


Telephone: 01483 413 121


About CHD Living


CHD Living (formerly Care Homes of Distinction) is a group of care homes in Surrey and South-London. The group is made up of nine residential care centres and two domiciliary care agencies serving approximately 500 members of Surrey's elderly community. Established in 1984, CHD Living is recognised today for its excellent standards of care and friendly services always provided within a warm and welcoming environment.


At CHD Living, it is our aim to transform people’s lives through the delivery of high quality services in a friendly environment.  Care is delivered to suit the needs of the individual but always with respect, dignity and kindness.  Our ethos is to ensure a sense of belonging within the CHD Living community for both our residents and their families, ensuring that you are supported through this period of change. The person-centred approach to care, that epitomises CHD Living's services, enables residents to continue to live their life their way.