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Belong Villages
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Living @ Belong

Belong is a provider with a long history of caring and specific expertise in supporting people with dementia. It was one of the early pioneers of the 'household' model, where flexibility is a key constituent.


Developed to offer a more intimate setting and provide care and support for an individual's needs, the 'household' concept strives to achieve a family atmosphere, where everyday household activities can continue to be enjoyed and where residents are well understood and have a relationship with their carers - a direct contrast to the conventional model of care driven by an institution's requirements and not the individual's.

With the launch of Belong villages came the ability to create a purpose built physical environment where the quality of care could be matched by the quality of the surroundings.

Working with leading architects in the creation of spaces for older people and who specialise in creating 'personal architecture', we developed a building design and layout to support easy orientation and 'visibility', secure access to the outdoors and proximity to a range of village amenities open to the public.

The results was the creation of Belong villages. Facilities, accommodation and spaces designed, for the first time, to support an increasingly diverse population, including people living with dementia.

As part of the CLS Group, Belong has capitalised on the organisation's thirty years of invaluable experience in care services. It employs this solid foundation of knowledge and expertise to ensure villages have the right mix of superbly trained staff, services and facilities.