The Vital Checklist

Viewing a Care Home - The Vital Checklist

We have compiled this printable, fully detailed checklist to take with you when you view a care home - it covers all the areas which can be forgotten during a visit but which can often help you decide between one care home and another.

When visiting a care home for the first time, remember:

1) Try to go with a friend or relative, as it's always useful to talk through your impressions with someone afterwards.

2) If the home is for an elderly relative, bring them to view the home if possible, or include them in as much of the decision making process as possible.

3) Visit without an appointment - that way, you get to see the home in its normal day-to-day routine.

4) Try to visit as many care homes as possible.  It is good to compare one home against another.

Do not underestimate your gut feeling!

Download and print the YOURCAREHOME CHECK LIST

(If it has not appeared, look in your download file)

Mark Sadler

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