Care Survey Terms

To complete your ‘care survey’ you must provide an e-mail address and any other information we request.

1) Postings you make to YourCareHome shall not be treated as confidential.
2)You are legally responsible for the content of any material you submit for posting on YourCareHome.
3) The Department of Health shall own any material that we share with NHS Choices.

Editorial control of ‘care survey’
We reserve the right (on behalf of ourselves and any moderator which we  may appoint) to:
(a)_temporarily or permanently suspend your access to ‘care survey’
(b)_edit, not put on the website  or delete any posts you submit; or
(c)_take any other action against your registration;_if, in our view, you have not complied with the rules of conduct set out below.

1) If you are under 16 you should seek your parent's or guardian's consent before you submit a posting.
2) Postings should relate to your own personal experience.  You should not name any individuals (other than yourself) or include information through which someone else could identify such an individual.  If you want to comment on someone else’s experience, (e.g. a relative or someone you care for) then you may do so if you ensure that you are not named in the posting and you state how the other person is  connected to you (e.g. “my father”).
3) Postings should be relevant to helping people make choices about social care businesses from which they can receive care.  Postings should be constructive, truthful, and not abusive.
4) You should not use ‘care survey’ to make complaints about individual social care providers or people.
5) If you find any postings offensive or objectionable you may make a complaint to the moderator.

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