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YourCareHome is an independent, free to use, one-stop shop for social care, listing all registered care homes and home care providers in the UK. 

We have consulted with the Department of Health and NHS Choices to supply you with all the up to date information and help you need to make the best choice for you or your relative.  We believe that customer reviews are an important part of the decision making process and can help drive the quality of care, so we invite you to also use the site to review any care service you use or visit.

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Care can range from short respite care breaks to extra help or nursing at home (home care or ‘domiciliary care’) through to residential and nursing care homes.  Many provide specialist care to support specific needs such as dementia, addiction, mental health issues or a particular disability.  Whether you are looking for care for the elderly, for an adult or for a child or adolescent, it is vital to consider your care options and your current and future care needs carefully.


Social Care Articles, Advice and News

NHS and government ‘flying blind’ as deep cuts prevent hundreds of thousands of older people accessing social care

The NHS and government are ‘flying blind’ in planning services for vulnerable older people because there is no comprehensive way to quantify the impact that social care cuts are having on their health and wellbeing, experts warn today. The warning comes in a new Nuffield Trust and Health Foundation study examining cuts to social services for older people in England, published as MPs prepare to question senior officials and experts on the topic in Parliament today (Wednesday 26 March). More


Don’t believe all you read, health reviews can be misleading too

BBC report has uncovered that nearly half of the reviews for a single NHS trust on NHS Choices were submitted from the trust’s own computers. The reviews had been provided by Patient Opinion, which gathers online comments and stories about providers of both health and social care and also publishes them on its own website. More


NHS online patient feedback reviews open to abuse

The NHS has removed all but one of 653 patient reviews of a healthcare trust from its website, after BBC Newsnight found the system was open to abuse. More


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