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My Support Broker’s mission is to make it possible for people with long term health conditions to live their best life.

Real people with real experience offering real help in your community.

My Support Broker will help you to find the best care and support that’s available to you in your community. They provide an honest transparent and straightforward service throughout the UK to people of all ages who need it without fuss or complication.

Backed by the Cabinet Office, The Big Lottery Fund, Nesta, The Department of Health and many other charities and organisations who appreciate the desperate need for their service My Support Broker, a social business Community Interest Company provide genuine help, direction, information and support bridging the enormous information and knowledge gap between people seeking care and support and those providing it.

My Support Broker work in a simple way, leveraging as much local knowledge and expertise as they can. Firstly they recruit ‘Support Brokers’ and volunteer ‘Support Coaches’ from the communities in which they work. They have their own college registered by the Department of Education that all Brokers attend before becoming qualified to work with the public. Support Brokers and Support Coaches will be aware of and have access to all the local care providers, organisations, charities and groups in the area so whatever need or problems they encounter in their work they will always know of people locally that can help.

The service My Support Broker provides is not free, however they work closely with the NHS, Local Authorities and other organisations who in some cases do pay part or all of the fees. They are so confident that their local knowledge and financial leverage with local care providers will pay for itself that they operate a Moneyback Guarantee, if after 6 months your care and support plan has not paid for itself they will refund their fee.

Charging a fee allow's My Support Broker to remain completely independent as they are not financially tied to any care providers. They may suggest that you take advice from a solicitor or suggest a specific care provider to meet your needs, but they never take commissions from any third parties so you can be sure you are getting independent advice.

My Support Broker are currently recruiting to fulfil increasing demand for their services. Many of the people My Support Broker have supported as well as their wider networks, have expressed an interest in in getting involved. If you think you have the right sort of life experience empathy and drive needed to become a Support Broker or volunteer Support Coach then please get in touch via their website.

Arranging quality and value care and support is critical, and takes a great deal of effort especially if it’s your first time and you don’t know your way around the system and have no idea of what support you can find locally. My Support Broker will give you as much or as little help as you need.

Comment by Mark Sadler founder of
At Yourcarehome we greatly admire the work done by My Support Broker, we respect their transparency and all that they stand for. Like many of their users and supporters we recognise the benefit of the work they do. For that reason we are happy to promote them on our website, we do not charge them and we receive no commissions.

For more information and contact details please visit MySupportBroker here.

Mark Sadler

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